Thursday, July 12, 2018

i said "ow!" and they told me to shut up

(because, #reruns ...again)

i find it impossible to believe that government will ever be able to solve the problems that its existence creates. it's not about hurting your feelings, it's about being lied to for too long.

when we believe lies, it not only hurts ourselves, but it hurts everyone else who hears those lies when we repeat them.

and they repeat those same lies, not knowing how much it hurts, and pretty soon you have fabricated public opinion. mass media only speeds up the process.

i said "ow!" and they told me to shut up, they would rather believe the lies than admit how much they have contributed to perpetuating the pain.

you are responsible for the words you use that hurt. accusing me of hurting you by pointing that out is not fair, but it is symptomatic of the abuses we have all endured living in this society that is based upon control rather than on any kind of real freedom.

now tell me again about this imaginary good government that is gonna come save us from the bad government. do you think i haven't already heard it a thousand times before?

"but this time it's different" .... yeah, we heard that before, too.

friendstacy, november, 2011

ignorance is no longer a valid excuse

freedom is about
personal responsibility
is about not looking for someone
or something else to blame
for everything that went wrong

when we know better we do better

Sunday, March 25, 2018

the question remains:

who gets to decide?

half-witted lawmakers
pawns of industry?
pedophile priests
hiding behind the bible?
the man with the biggest gun?

Thursday, March 15, 2018

freedom, undefined (part 7492 or so)

why is treating children with basic human decency too much to ask? why do we need to feel as though we are (or should be) in control of their lives and everything they do with the life they have? because that's how we felt when we were young? does nobody remember how much that sucked? what is wrong with people? (and why is my ? key so sticky?)

#anarchy #questions

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

rest in peace, mr hawking

ALS is not a brain disease. it is a buildup of toxins that the body stores in the sides of the spinal column (Lateral) that harden the nerves (Schlerosis) which causes paralysis/atrophy (Amyotrophic) of first the voluntary muscles, starting with the extremities, and continues to progress until the victim's body no longer functions. it has no effect on the brain, as the brain is not a muscle.

the damaged gene that is normally responsible for ridding the body of those toxins can be inherited, mostly by male children, as it is found on the sex chromosome. in order for a female child to inherit the kind of ALS that runs in my family, both parents would have passed it along. (so glad to say i have girls) how that damage occurs is still rather controversial, but in my father's family i have no doubt it was originally from war trauma. this is consistent with the high rate of ALS in more modern veterans of war. time will tell if their boy children also inherit the condition, or if maybe the buildup of toxins has some other source.

when my father was drafted into the vietnam war, they gave him 4F and six months to live. later he participated in a study on the effectiveness of dextromethorphan (an ingredient in most cough syrup) which halted the progression of the disease for him. it did not work consistently for enough of the patients in the study to be approved as a treatment, but he continued to take DM until AIDS treatment demanded that he stop. at that point, ALS started progressing again and killed him in short order, at the age of 46.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

spiritual anarchy

authoritarian rule demands an absolute truth, an ultimate God from which to derive your power. without it, your laws are meaningless. why should anyone obey the word of somebody else's god? you must first beat them into submission if you want to rule. my personal spiritual/religious experiences don't jive with other people's religions. you don't get to tell me what to think, i've had these experiences that make it more real to me than any bible verse ever written. it is a subjective truth more meaningful than any objective doctrine ever possibly could be. to me, religion is a piss poor substitute for the real connection with what i would call divine for lack of any better way of describing it. in fact, i believe that religion was invented by those who sought the power to rule, to create a disconnect. because if your role is to decide, you can't be having people going around listening to their own conscience. and if your role is to wage war, you can't be having people going around deciding for themselves what to do..

Wednesday, March 7, 2018


you, white boy, don't get to say what brown people need, or think, or want, or should want. you don't get to say how their own healing should look. you don't get to say "you know what your problem is," because it's you, it's your status that you still cling to, it's your privilege that you fear losing more than anything. and it's a long long history of oppression and mistreatment at the hands of people just like you, who thought they knew better than anyone what was best for everyone else. so shut the fuck up and get out of the way, because healing is happening, no thanks to you.

and you, too, white woman, you should know how it feels, you should know better than to do to others what was done to you. denial is the only thing you have left in a society that hates women almost as much as it hates anyone who refuses to assimilate.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

and so it begins

organized revolution is what they use to trick people into thinking things will change. the organizers have to organize, changing the message to one of obedience and conformity, but they will use freedom as the rallying call, like they always do. okay young people, prove me wrong this time. don't fall into the same trap that caught all the previous generations before you. the future is yours. take it. do something good with it.

he said, "everyone has a price"

how much is your soul
worth to you?
set a price so high
not even the devil
is willing to pay

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

if god were a mother

if god were a mother...

there would be plenty of room
in her heart for all of her children
she wouldn't need to play favorites
because love doesn't work that way

(silly rabbit, control freaky head games are for humans)

but wait! there's more...

doesn't jesus love everyone?
like, no matter what?
then how can there be a chosen people?

...and if there is no chosen people
placed by god's authority above the rest
then what?

...then what?
then jesus isn't the chosen one
(but we already knew that
because the prophecy said
the messiah brings peace)
and if jesus isn't the chosen one
where does that leave us?

if we aren't chosen,
that means we get to choose.
i think that deserves to be pondered upon,
you know, if thinking were allowed

on this day three years ago on facebook

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

a poem called february (February 7, 2014)

February 7, 2014 ·

a poem called february

so long ago
pain called
the angels
came and
to vision

healing happened
anyway regardless
awareness that
the same abuse
drove them away
in the first place

break the chain

Friday, December 29, 2017

denial rules the world

new age brainwash
forgiveness and light
the torture never ends
good positive thinking
and blame the victim
you know, for good measure

Monday, October 23, 2017

trolls (reruns remix)

for clarification: there are different kinds of trolls. but the uber-indoctrinated and the paid misinformants do have a common goal, to derail any rational discourse that might be happening. they give themselves away by the methods they use to achieve this goal.

do you repeat platitudes and share memes without putting any thought into what it is you are saying?  you might be a troll.  do you prefer your news emotionally charged? do you self identify as a member of a certain group?  do you get upset when the doctrine of said group is questioned?  you might be a troll.  do you only recognize arguments that either appeal to emotion or appeal to authority, rather than reason?  you might be a troll.  are you being paid to forcefeed the public a certain perspective or opinion?  do you hide under bridges and only come out to attack?  you most definitely are a troll.  and it really makes no difference which kind you are, when the end result is always the same.

Sunday, April 30, 2017


if you remove all the fallacies from the news, if you remove the divisive rhetoric and the emotional triggers, and the attempts to tell people what to think, is there anything left?

propaganda 101

when it's about divisive rhetoric it's not about facts,
it's about emotional manipulation.
it's about creating an image of the bad guys
to scare us into joining the group to fight the evil.
it's about twisting the facts and presenting them in such a way
that truth and knowledge is no longer a part of the equation.
it's about stirring the shit and keeping us fighting each other
instead of working together to solve the problems.
don't call it facts.
if any of it were truly factual
they wouldn't be telling us what to think,
they wouldn't be hiding information
that might lead some to disagree
with what they want us to think.
if it were true, they wouldn't be so afraid
of anyone doing any thinking for themselves.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

corporate dominance and aggression

we shouldn't have to opt out
the lack of a "no" isn't consent
to assume that yes is implied
is what makes this a rape culture

Thursday, December 29, 2016


a black door --
like charcoal
darkest black
burning or burned
not sure.
don't touch!

hidden back
the deepest
darkest corner
(of my mind)
and the sign
on the door 
said "february"

(november, 2013)

Sunday, December 11, 2016


revolution is just spin.  it isn't about people changing the system, it's about convincing the people that the very same system would somehow be better if different thugs were in charge.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

question authority!

if you never question authority
how would you know if they're shooting you straight?

and if they were shooting you straight
why would they mind being questioned?