Saturday, September 13, 2014

do what we say and nobody gets hurt

(or, a society based on fear, trauma and abuse)
what makes anyone any sort of authority over anyone else? when they assume authority over our actions, thoughts, beliefs, etc, that is the same as telling us that we are beneath them, that they are somehow better qualified to make our decisions for us. that is the greatest insult of them all. and when it hurts our feelings to be so insulted, constantly, by those who think they are superior in some way or another, those bullies blame us for it, it's our fault for being too sensitive, they were only trying to help.

where does this power come from? it certainly didn't come from the gods i believe in. it comes from fear. we are taught to be afraid so that we may think we want to be controlled. who puts this fear in our hearts? it does not come from within. who are the real terrorists?

and since i enjoy answering my own questions (even if i might be wrong) i'd say the real terrorists are the bullies, the ones who think they know what's best for other folks. the ones who claim to be "protecting" us from some threat, real or imagined doesn't matter which, so long as we buy into the fear that allows such abuses to continue.
(november 2010, revised september 2014)