Thursday, April 30, 2015

scars, a work in progress

i had to tell myself first
it isn't your fault,
what they did to you
that's where it starts
blame churns and boils
cauterizes the wound
then it washes away
with the pain and hurt

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


i don't believe in opting out. i believe the default answer should be no unless you specifically say yes.

it's about respecting boundaries...
the lack of such respect is why some people talk about society in terms of it being a culture of rape. but not the yes-people, they hate it when you do that, when you say no.

i reject atheism on the same grounds that i reject religion: it just doesn't work for me.

i reject the notion that some thoughts and feelings are bad. i think that is just some whacked out control trip, to make us feel like there's something wrong with us that we need them (some religion or guru or self-help expert or doctor or head shrinker) to fix for us.

i reject the notions that we should ever accept what causes us pain and that pain makes us stronger or better somehow.

and i reject the notion that anybody knows what is best/good for anyone but themselves.

on earth day and every other day, i do believe that all land is sacred and divine. i believe that when you cause harm to the planet, you are hurting all of us, and this pain is what tells us something is wrong. to ignore or deny it only enables the abuse to continue.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

hand-me-down blues

government can't possibly solve the problems that it creates. you can't have a small ruling class without oppression. that is how it was designed. corruption is inherent to the system. the only thing different now than when plato laid it all out for us is that we no longer think of that oppression and corruption as something that is good for us, so now they deny the nature of the beast, try to hide it.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

big brother's little sister

first shoe landed with a thud and
everyone will act so surprised
like we've never been played
this same way before
when the other shoe falls
we don't need a better candidate
a prettier shoe for jackbooted thugs
to stand on our necks with
and blame us for what they do
because the people voted
giving all their power away
along with the right to say no
no!  no fucking more!  no no no
you are only allowed an obedient
yes we can
pick from the options
and call it a choice

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

revenge blames
calls for justice
demands punishment
creates more war
solves nothing