Thursday, June 23, 2016

who gets to decide?

"the common good" refers to that which is good for the state (as per plato's republic). the state is that which governs. but to be governed is the opposite of freedom. is that good?

who gets to decide?

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


why don't they just outlaw the manufacture of assault rifles?
does anybody really need a gun designed for war?
(our grease-palmed lawmakers are too afraid to go there)
why do we tolerate these cowards and murderous thugs?
did that lone shooter kill all those people with a semi-automatic?
with a fifteen-round clip? how many reloads would that mean?
or was he using something deadlier, something already illegal?
do the existing laws comfort the dead, dying, and grieving?
would it be insensitive to point out we've heard this song before?
is anybody listening? or just singing along with the crowd?
if you sing long enough and loud enough will you believe it too?

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

we can't afford politicians anymore. they're too expensive

voting is like...
it's like
flipping a coin
a nickel, say
and hoping
it comes up
a quarter
(april, 2013)

voting never did much of anything but convince the public that we might actually have some say in what the government does in our name.