Wednesday, March 26, 2014

a new day, anarchist rantings, chapter 45

progress means exploiting the land for profit. it is a system that cannot sustain itself any longer. people gonna have to start thinking for themselves instead of doing what they told. freedom is the only logical solution to all of the problems that control creates.

but they say freedom doesn't count as a solution, because you aren't telling people what to do!!!


helping people means to empower them to decide what is best for themselves. it's not about raising them up to your level, because thinking that you are above them is the problem, that kind of thinking won't solve anything.


emotional triggers serve to turn off people's ability to think clearly. the manipulation of feel good brain chemicals works almost as good as fear, in that respect. repeated abuses makes addiction. and then there's all that denial involved. when we know better, we do better.

when you are expected to get angry and fight, turning the other cheek becomes an act of defiance. they only know how to provoke and react to violence.

but that's a different poem...
sung to the same tune