Wednesday, June 25, 2014

say what?

but what if not everyone defines success as selling your soul to a corrupt institution that profits from destroying people's lives?

what if i don't want to look up to those people, or anybody? what if it's the thinking some people are better than others that is the problem, not those others you think you are better than?

what if we teach our children to believe in themselves, rather than such so-called role models society says they should emulate?

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


too many emotional triggers, brain not functioning... if you want to end violence against women (any kind of violence) you have to change how people see women. you fight the media that presents women as objects and creates the public opinion that makes it okay, not the victims of that brainwash. shaming them won't solve a thing.

how do you fight brainwash?
by thinking for yourself!
it's fun! it's easy!
anyone can do it!
and once you start trying it,
it's not so scary anymore.

BUT WAIT!! there's more...