Tuesday, December 9, 2014

what's on your mind?

the game is rigged so everyone loses. same thing on a personal level as on the societal level. and the war god rewards those who are most destructive, because that is what war is all about and it doesn't matter which side you are on.  both sides are being played ...against each other.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

depends on how you look at it

and pride
two sides
same coin
or maybe
a sword

the rules, a poem and a list

1. recognize that your poetry sucks
2. don't try to pretend it doesn't
3. write more poetry
4. it doesn't matter what anybody else thinks
5. write more poetry
6. you can't get better without practice
7. write more poetry
8. have fun writing your crappy poetry
9. not all art speaks to all people, and it shouldn't have to
10. if somebody likes what you write, that's just a bonus
11. write more poetry

Friday, November 28, 2014

copy/paste here

rational discourse doesn't rely upon emotional triggers and red herrings and ad hominem attacks and appeals to authority. such fallacies are all signs of persuasive/divisive rhetoric instead. bullies who are like that want you to fight back, because violence is the only thing they understand.


the wardens live in the same prison as the rest of us, they just get special status and privileges denied to others... tricks people into thinking the game can be won.
(hashtag panopticon)

the only thing the rulers were born with that the rest of us don't have is money
(friendstacy on the divine right of kings)


who is going to want to take the energy to try to explain something you have already decided you don't want to know and closed your mind to the possibility? it's like running face first into a brick wall. no fun.

Monday, November 17, 2014

mind manipulations

manufacture fear
less freedom and
call it "security"
timeless battle
war rages on
point over there
not my fault
billions spent
broken machine
hungry people
without a home

Monday, November 3, 2014

because, trains

what if...

what if love was a gift
not an investment
and you stopped
expecting a return?

what if love were free?
no price to pay
no debt owed
no contractural fees,
administration costs,
nor balances due?

(your mileage may vary)


what if love was a train?
would yours have wrecked?
where would it go?

"when my ship came in
i was waiting for a train..."
but that song grew old
like everything else

chattanooga choo choo
is just a fancy hotel
no trains go there now

and johnny cash
dead, still sings
about trains
and love

(from march, and edited august, 2014)

Sunday, October 26, 2014


it's a troll war. the purpose of a troll war is to prevent any rational dialogue from happening on any particular subject through the unrelenting use of emotional triggers. trolls almost always play both sides against each other to achieve that end. you would think gamers know that game is rigged so everyone loses and would refuse to play, but then there's all this publicity, which just feeds the trolls more fuel.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Saturday, October 11, 2014


lemme see
if i get this straight
you borrow something
an idea, but just a part
maybe steal it instead
twist it all around
then ridicule
the absurdity
of the train wreck
you made of something
you never understood
in the first place

there's a name for that

Thursday, October 2, 2014

friendstacy remix

history keeps repeating
because we keep forgetting
it already happened before

some people will tell you
whatever they think you want to hear,
especially if they are trying
to sell you some bullshit.
and that's nothing new. it's a really old trick.

beware the jabberwock, my son
chop off its head (silence the voice of dissent)
and the poem ends the same way it started

and sometimes i cry

Friday, September 26, 2014

voting is like being forced at gunpoint to choose which rope you want hung with

none of the candidates are ever opposed to war.  they don't represent me.  when i sent letters, they would only reply to tell me how wrong i am.  they don't listen, they never did.  and now they don't even pretend to.

choosing between two or more options is not the same as making a decision. if no is not an option, you have no choice. voting is just a way of passing the blame around, rather than doing anything meaningful. facebook hid from me all those "go vote" posts. first time their algorithm got it right. but not until after i had already seen them, so i know they are missing.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


laws don't prevent crime. the system of control is not fixable. it can crash and take us all with it, or we can dismantle it slowly, but it was always doomed to fail. getting rid of bad laws would be a great step towards just that. once they start throwing out bad laws, it won't be long before there's no law left.

Monday, September 22, 2014

hashtag guru

they don't put
"trigger warning"
on quotes from
mindfuck artists
but maybe
they should

Saturday, September 13, 2014

do what we say and nobody gets hurt

(or, a society based on fear, trauma and abuse)
what makes anyone any sort of authority over anyone else? when they assume authority over our actions, thoughts, beliefs, etc, that is the same as telling us that we are beneath them, that they are somehow better qualified to make our decisions for us. that is the greatest insult of them all. and when it hurts our feelings to be so insulted, constantly, by those who think they are superior in some way or another, those bullies blame us for it, it's our fault for being too sensitive, they were only trying to help.

where does this power come from? it certainly didn't come from the gods i believe in. it comes from fear. we are taught to be afraid so that we may think we want to be controlled. who puts this fear in our hearts? it does not come from within. who are the real terrorists?

and since i enjoy answering my own questions (even if i might be wrong) i'd say the real terrorists are the bullies, the ones who think they know what's best for other folks. the ones who claim to be "protecting" us from some threat, real or imagined doesn't matter which, so long as we buy into the fear that allows such abuses to continue.
(november 2010, revised september 2014)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

are we there yet?

if we become aware of the attempts to control our minds, then it doesn't work the same way anymore. thing is, it's not in the future, but the past, and we just deny that, which allows it to continue. but not for much longer...

Saturday, August 30, 2014


assholes in the park
training puppy dog, attack!
scary dog, attack!
making the 'hood safe?
for nobody...

attack dog, mean dog
not his fault, bad dog
hole in the head dog
dead dog
stupid humans

Thursday, August 28, 2014

did you hear that? that there's the sound of minds slamming shut

do the divisions in society
reflect the walls in our head
or do they create them?

defense mechanism
for protection
from mindfuck

defense mechanisms
for protection
from somebody else's

because some people
don't know
the difference
between making love,
being fucked,
or getting raped.

defense mechanisms
walls that don't exist
trauma-based control
we have all been violated
repeatedly abused

today, i refuse
to engage in battle
with minds slammed shut
they only want to fight
to prove their mindfuck
is better than yours...
to rationalize away
that feeling of terror
at the very thought
any thought
not approved

Friday, August 15, 2014

the lines that divide don't even exist

fear makes people stupid
groupthink multiplies it
creates the "other" to hate

Saturday, August 9, 2014

the memory hole

it doesn't matter how you vote, they are going to do whatever they want anyway, voting is just how they blame us for it. and if you send them letters, no matter how well thought out and carefully crafted, what usually happens is they go down the memory hole (a la orwell) and if you do actually get a response, it is only to tell you how wrong you are.

this is why i started blogging, and why i have never allowed ads on my blog(s) nor taken any money in exchange for my opinion. my voice was not being heard, but not due to a lack of me trying.

and when posts to my own personal blog started going down that same memory hole that swallowed my letters to congressmen and comments on news websites, i just started more blogs, and copy/pasted my words in several different places, for safekeeping. the old ways of creating public opinion don't work anymore.  the internet has leveled the playing field.  and if nobody else reads my blogs, the spooks whose job it is to shut people like me up do, and my voice is not silent.  so fuck ya

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

blowing in the wind

the problem with taking responsibility for your own life is that you can't blame anyone else for your bad decisions anymore. and that is what keeps the obedient ones following the leaders, they want somebody else to blame. and the problem with following the leader, is you don't get to decide where you are going. so when you end up there, where you never wanted to be, does blaming them for leading you there really help to make it any better? and how many times will we be led to war, pretending that we aren't aware of where that same path has always led us before?

Friday, August 1, 2014

random facebuk status dump

from inside the box it appears that we only have two options, to control or be controlled, pick your side, be the aggressor or play the victim. but outside the box is where the possibility is endless.  ...and the walls of the box are built of denial, once you notice them there, they don't exist anymore.


pretty rich boys
fighting over a girl
that doesn't want
either of them
one dead rich girl
equals 700 dead poor people
as far as they're concerned
deadly virus epidemic
man-eating bacteria
politicians and movie stars
nobody buys the paper
but they still call it news


groupthink is bad for us
... consensus doesn't automatically make us wrong,
but can be a good reason to think a little harder,
just to make sure.

Monday, July 28, 2014


love is subjective, whomever you share it with is your business. it's a personal thing. subjectively, religion is also your own personal business. you don't have to share it with everyone. (objectively, religion is an abusive institution for societal control and that's why i don't like it much.) your personal relationship with whatever divinity you believe in is none of my concern. if you don't want anybody else telling you what you should believe you don't get to tell them what they should believe, either. that's when it gets personal.

it is way past time we stopped picking on people who don't love the way we think they should, or don't pray the way we think they should. because it's all the same, really.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


go on,
talk about unity...
then hate the "others"
who aren't like you
or who aren't what you
think they should be?
fed a steady diet of lies

isn't that how we got into this mess to begin with?
how is more of the same ever going to help?

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

spacey stacy: Plato, part 2

spacey stacy: Plato, part 2

... for if by being well educated they become reasonable men, they will easily see things for themselves, as well as all the other things we are omitting.

(and they can't let that happen)

To put it briefly, those in charge must cling to education and see that it isn't corrupted without their noticing it, guarding it against everything. Above all, they must guard as carefully as they can against any innovation in music and poetry or in physical training that is counter to the established order.

Friday, July 4, 2014

annual rant

explain to me please...
how someone can be so opposed to the things monsanto does, when they claim ownership of that which is sacred, life itself, in order to make a profit, and turn right around and celebrate the founding of a country based on that exact same principle as it was applied to the land. it's nothing new what they do, it's what they have always done. if we continue to deny the past, we are doomed to keep repeating it. maybe the loud explosions and all the beer have dulled the collective mind, we'll have to start doing our own thinking instead, if we want to get ourselves out of this mess.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

say what?

but what if not everyone defines success as selling your soul to a corrupt institution that profits from destroying people's lives?

what if i don't want to look up to those people, or anybody? what if it's the thinking some people are better than others that is the problem, not those others you think you are better than?

what if we teach our children to believe in themselves, rather than such so-called role models society says they should emulate?

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


too many emotional triggers, brain not functioning... if you want to end violence against women (any kind of violence) you have to change how people see women. you fight the media that presents women as objects and creates the public opinion that makes it okay, not the victims of that brainwash. shaming them won't solve a thing.

how do you fight brainwash?
by thinking for yourself!
it's fun! it's easy!
anyone can do it!
and once you start trying it,
it's not so scary anymore.

BUT WAIT!! there's more...

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

the law only exists to limit freedom

...what scares people about freedom so much is that you can't predict what that will be like. and then their fear of freedom is what prevents it from happening. i don't think it would be so scary to just let people decide for themselves. they are gonna do what they want anyway, most of them in spite of all the attempts to control.

so all the expense, all the time all the money all the resources, put towards more controls could instead be redirected towards helping people to make better decisions, with the full realization that their better judgment might disagree with what anybody else thinks they should do. empowering people instead of oppressing them goes against everything plato told us to do, and that is exactly why it will work.

Sunday, May 18, 2014


the emperor has new clothes

and you can't see through the mask
you think you are hiding behind

Friday, May 16, 2014


a new improved better brainwash program won't solve the problems created by having a brainwashed society.  it isn't about changing the message being transmitted to a more positive one. it's about empowering people to think for themselves. big difference.  and if people started thinking for themselves, all those other people who make it their job to tell us what to think would be out of work, and there's big money in propagandizing. they won't want that to happen.

Monday, May 12, 2014

freedom, undefined (again)

to define freedom
denies everyone else
their right
to define freedom
for themselves.
it doesn't work that way.

that is why
freedom, undefined

words like
"consensus" and "democracy"
are groupthinkspeak

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

a distraction

i refuse to apologize
for mentioning the hypocrisy
of the rulers chosen for us
who represent the most vile
corrupt institution of oppression
perhaps that ever there was.
and i refuse to "see reason"
if that means i have to agree
with anything those lying thugs
might have been told to say.
it's all just part of the show
emotional manipulations
mindrape, denied

Monday, May 5, 2014

pete and repeat were sitting on a fence...

(or, reruns)

there never was any separation between church and state. they are symbiotic parasites, neither can exist without the other, and we the people are the host.

the lion and the unicorn
were fighting for the crown
the lion chased the unicorn
clear 'cross the town
some gave them white bread
some gave them brown
some gave them plum-cake
and sent them out of town

such corporate entities aren't even real! they only exist as words on paper, yet they claim authority over every aspect of our lives, through the manufacture and manipulation of fear.

Friday, April 25, 2014

forgot to post this one here

you can't change what already was
you can't go back and make it go away
but if you can stop denying it
you could maybe stop repeating it

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

april 22, 2014

if people don't understand the difference between subject and object, they don't know who they are, and they can't recognize when that boundary has been violated. (and you end up with blurred lines and fifty shades, and other variations on the blame-the-victim themesong)


if indoctrination into your belief system is fear-based, you can't call it a religion of love. well, you could. i guess. but that's not what i call love.

and if your "spiritual" heirarchy resembles one of those MLM pyramid schemes, it's a scam. sure amway has some good products, but they got some shit, too. and do you really want to invite someone over who you know is just going to try to recruit you into joining the same scam, because that's how they get "higher" up?

and if you combine MLM and fear-based religious indoctrination, what do you get? pascal's wager! that's what! ...and christian apologetics, in general. which, as i've been harping on lately, is the objectification of subjective [spiritual] experience, and as such is used as a tool to control people, rather than empowering them, which would set us all free....

and if people don't understand the difference between subject and object, they don't know who they are, and they can't recognize when that boundary has been violated. (and you end up with blurred lines and fifty shades, and other variations on the blame-the-victim themesong)

Monday, April 21, 2014


love is...
a special kind of freedom that says:
you don't get to define what love is
or what it should be like, for me.

love is to be experienced
not fenced in, boxed in, restrained
hidden behind imaginary walls
twisted and distorted to fit your demands

my love won't obey your rules
the attempt to control it
only means you'll never have it
that special kind of freedom
what i call love

you know what they say...
maybe they're talking about something else

Sunday, April 20, 2014


psychological manipulation is still violence
and the wolf doesn't even have to pretend
the sheep only see their own reflection and
think only approved, good happy thoughts
eating their tofu burgers on easter sunday

Saturday, April 19, 2014

john, i'm only dancing

imagine there's no heaven

no better somewhere else

that you go when you die

no reward for being obedient

and no punishments, either...

imagine all the people

being who they want to be

imagine a world

where just barely surviving

making it through each day

isn't good enough anymore

and people actually live instead

can you imagine?

Sunday, April 6, 2014


in god we trust?
promise of reward
threat of punishment
legal tenderness

Monday, March 31, 2014

legal tender

the poet ponders the life that once flowed through the wood of a cabinet door, while the businessman signs multi-million dollar deals on a board room table made from an 800 year old tree.

Friday, March 28, 2014


if such a thing were even possible
some kind of good government
somebody's gotta prove it...
would have to move the ideology
from one of controlling people
to one that empowers us instead
which would necessarily mean
we would outgrow the need
for government, like thoreau said.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

a new day, anarchist rantings, chapter 45

progress means exploiting the land for profit. it is a system that cannot sustain itself any longer. people gonna have to start thinking for themselves instead of doing what they told. freedom is the only logical solution to all of the problems that control creates.

but they say freedom doesn't count as a solution, because you aren't telling people what to do!!!


helping people means to empower them to decide what is best for themselves. it's not about raising them up to your level, because thinking that you are above them is the problem, that kind of thinking won't solve anything.


emotional triggers serve to turn off people's ability to think clearly. the manipulation of feel good brain chemicals works almost as good as fear, in that respect. repeated abuses makes addiction. and then there's all that denial involved. when we know better, we do better.

when you are expected to get angry and fight, turning the other cheek becomes an act of defiance. they only know how to provoke and react to violence.

but that's a different poem...
sung to the same tune

Thursday, March 20, 2014

happy equinox, y'all

i disagree with the notion that the internet is destroying society. i think that as we learn to talk to people outside our own groups, the groupthink loses hold, and we must depend more on an internal moral compass. i think that this will create a less obedient, but more compassionate society. and isn't that what the world needs right about now, people who judge right and wrong not on what the group says, but on what their hearts say is right?

as we gain access to more and more information, we will become empowered and start making decisions for ourselves that previously we had left up to the experts. experts who, we now know, were paid to represent corporate interests, rather than our own best interests.

how can that be a bad thing?

Sunday, March 16, 2014

informed consent

the arguments put forth
by those who defend corporate interests
all start to sound like so much bullshit
if anyone bothers to look into it.

but fear
grips their hearts
and they don't want to see,
so they don't even look.
they could if they wanted.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

first post new blog

they tell you
question authority
but not this one here
the other over there
the authority
we disagree with