Saturday, August 30, 2014


assholes in the park
training puppy dog, attack!
scary dog, attack!
making the 'hood safe?
for nobody...

attack dog, mean dog
not his fault, bad dog
hole in the head dog
dead dog
stupid humans

Thursday, August 28, 2014

did you hear that? that there's the sound of minds slamming shut

do the divisions in society
reflect the walls in our head
or do they create them?

defense mechanism
for protection
from mindfuck

defense mechanisms
for protection
from somebody else's

because some people
don't know
the difference
between making love,
being fucked,
or getting raped.

defense mechanisms
walls that don't exist
trauma-based control
we have all been violated
repeatedly abused

today, i refuse
to engage in battle
with minds slammed shut
they only want to fight
to prove their mindfuck
is better than yours...
to rationalize away
that feeling of terror
at the very thought
any thought
not approved

Friday, August 15, 2014

the lines that divide don't even exist

fear makes people stupid
groupthink multiplies it
creates the "other" to hate

Saturday, August 9, 2014

the memory hole

it doesn't matter how you vote, they are going to do whatever they want anyway, voting is just how they blame us for it. and if you send them letters, no matter how well thought out and carefully crafted, what usually happens is they go down the memory hole (a la orwell) and if you do actually get a response, it is only to tell you how wrong you are.

this is why i started blogging, and why i have never allowed ads on my blog(s) nor taken any money in exchange for my opinion. my voice was not being heard, but not due to a lack of me trying.

and when posts to my own personal blog started going down that same memory hole that swallowed my letters to congressmen and comments on news websites, i just started more blogs, and copy/pasted my words in several different places, for safekeeping. the old ways of creating public opinion don't work anymore.  the internet has leveled the playing field.  and if nobody else reads my blogs, the spooks whose job it is to shut people like me up do, and my voice is not silent.  so fuck ya

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

blowing in the wind

the problem with taking responsibility for your own life is that you can't blame anyone else for your bad decisions anymore. and that is what keeps the obedient ones following the leaders, they want somebody else to blame. and the problem with following the leader, is you don't get to decide where you are going. so when you end up there, where you never wanted to be, does blaming them for leading you there really help to make it any better? and how many times will we be led to war, pretending that we aren't aware of where that same path has always led us before?

Friday, August 1, 2014

random facebuk status dump

from inside the box it appears that we only have two options, to control or be controlled, pick your side, be the aggressor or play the victim. but outside the box is where the possibility is endless.  ...and the walls of the box are built of denial, once you notice them there, they don't exist anymore.


pretty rich boys
fighting over a girl
that doesn't want
either of them
one dead rich girl
equals 700 dead poor people
as far as they're concerned
deadly virus epidemic
man-eating bacteria
politicians and movie stars
nobody buys the paper
but they still call it news


groupthink is bad for us
... consensus doesn't automatically make us wrong,
but can be a good reason to think a little harder,
just to make sure.