Friday, November 28, 2014

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rational discourse doesn't rely upon emotional triggers and red herrings and ad hominem attacks and appeals to authority. such fallacies are all signs of persuasive/divisive rhetoric instead. bullies who are like that want you to fight back, because violence is the only thing they understand.


the wardens live in the same prison as the rest of us, they just get special status and privileges denied to others... tricks people into thinking the game can be won.
(hashtag panopticon)

the only thing the rulers were born with that the rest of us don't have is money
(friendstacy on the divine right of kings)


who is going to want to take the energy to try to explain something you have already decided you don't want to know and closed your mind to the possibility? it's like running face first into a brick wall. no fun.

Monday, November 17, 2014

mind manipulations

manufacture fear
less freedom and
call it "security"
timeless battle
war rages on
point over there
not my fault
billions spent
broken machine
hungry people
without a home

Monday, November 3, 2014

because, trains

what if...

what if love was a gift
not an investment
and you stopped
expecting a return?

what if love were free?
no price to pay
no debt owed
no contractural fees,
administration costs,
nor balances due?

(your mileage may vary)


what if love was a train?
would yours have wrecked?
where would it go?

"when my ship came in
i was waiting for a train..."
but that song grew old
like everything else

chattanooga choo choo
is just a fancy hotel
no trains go there now

and johnny cash
dead, still sings
about trains
and love

(from march, and edited august, 2014)