Saturday, August 9, 2014

the memory hole

it doesn't matter how you vote, they are going to do whatever they want anyway, voting is just how they blame us for it. and if you send them letters, no matter how well thought out and carefully crafted, what usually happens is they go down the memory hole (a la orwell) and if you do actually get a response, it is only to tell you how wrong you are.

this is why i started blogging, and why i have never allowed ads on my blog(s) nor taken any money in exchange for my opinion. my voice was not being heard, but not due to a lack of me trying.

and when posts to my own personal blog started going down that same memory hole that swallowed my letters to congressmen and comments on news websites, i just started more blogs, and copy/pasted my words in several different places, for safekeeping. the old ways of creating public opinion don't work anymore.  the internet has leveled the playing field.  and if nobody else reads my blogs, the spooks whose job it is to shut people like me up do, and my voice is not silent.  so fuck ya